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Iberital Espressos

                                        Iberital Traditional Group Espresso Machines
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Iberital are manufacturers of quality Electronic and Semi-Automatic Group Espresso Coffee Machines.  Choose from a whole range of styles and colours with complete confidence that your Espresso Machine will deliver consistently high standards in taste, style and performance. We supply and service Iberital Espressos throughout the East & West Midlands covering areas such as Rugby, Leamington, Warwick, Oxford, Birmingham, Stratford, Coventry, etc. and we can arrange for services in other areas throughout the UK.

Please call us for more information about any Iberital Traditional Group Machines and we'll be happy to help you - 01788 247511.

Iberital Espresso Domestic Machine with Grinder

A new Espresso Coffee Machine from Iberital aimed for the domestic market. Manufactured in Italy to a very high standard, it operates from a 220-240v supply and water is supplied via a tank at the back of the machine which is manually filled.

A Grinder is inbuilt that grinds fresh coffee on demand through a micro switch situated where the filter holder is placed. To grind the coffee automatically, simply hold the filter holder against the switch. There is the option of making either one or two coffees at the same time, or using the pod filter insert which is supplied with the machine.

To froth or warm milk there is a steamer option. The coffee operation is semi-automatic via a switch on the front of the machine. For easy cleaning there are two removeable drip trays.

Can use beans or pods

Tank capacity 2.7 litres
Iberital Domestic Espresso

H390 x L330 x D420mm

1200 WATTS

3 mins warm-up time Tank capacity

2.7 litres Pump 15 bar

Weight 12.2 kg

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Iberital L'anna Forever Electronic Espresso Machine
2 Group

Available in Electronic, Semi-Automatic and Handy Options

Elecronic Version Properties

  • Independent electronic CPUs for each group on the 2group machines'iberital l'anna 2 group machine'
  • Stainless Steel Steam outlet pipe
  • Inbuilt Pump & Motor
  • Programmable hot water outlet from CPU
  • Electronic volumetric dosage (programmable) with 4 doses & continuous
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet
  • Built-in heating element protector device
  • Visual water level of the boiler built in
  • Automatic water fill-up of the boiler
  • 25 A built-in Starter relay
  • Easy location of the boiler drain-out tap
  • 1 group and 2 group options

Boiler Capacity: 1group = 6L - 2 group = 14L

Heating Element: 1 group = 1800 W - 2 group = 2600W / 3800 W

Semi-Automatic Version Properties

  • Inbuilt Pump & Motor'Iberital Semi Automatic Group Machine'
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet
  • Stainless Steel outlet pipe
  • On/Off push button activates continuous flow system with solenoid
  • Inbuilt Heating Element protector device
  • Visual inbuilt water level device
  • Automatic water fill-up of the boiler (for 2 group Espresso Machines optional)
  • Easy location of boiler drain-out tap
  • 25 A Starter Relay built in
  • 1 group and 2 group options
  • Heating element: 1group = 1800 W - 2group = 2600 W / 3800 W

Handy Version Properties

  • Water tank capacity = 2L'Iberital espresso handy 1 group'
  • Boiler capacity = 4L
  • No installation needed
  • Easy Drain tray  = 1L capacity
  • Easy Water Tank fill-up (without removing the cups)
  • Electronic dosage = 4 doses + continuous
  • Minimum water level safety protection
  • Standard Motor Pump

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New Iberital  Group Espresso Machine

Available in Electronic & Semi-Automatic Options

New Iberital Electronic Design Product Properties

  • Removable Front Panel enabling easy interior access
  • Central Boiler drain tap in Drip Tray for easy drainage'New Iberital Group Espresso Machine'
  • Adjustment of touch panel settings
  • Lever Steam Valves
  • Hot Water Outlet (anti-splash)
  • Automatic Boiler fill
  • Heating Element protection device
  • Contactor 20A/ 25A/ 32A/ (built in)
  • Internal Pump and Motor
  • Optional Magnetic Pump Motor
  • 2 group and 3 group options

Weight: 2 group = 61kg / 3 group = 81 kg

Boiler Capacity 2 group: = 10.5L (optional 14L) / 3 group = 21L

Colours available: Cream White, Opal Green, Beige, Aluminium, Ruby Red and Personalised

Optional Display Options
  • Company name displayed whilst machine not in use
  • Display language of your choice
  • Adjustable probe according to water hardness
  • Record the number of coffees dispensed
  • Automatic group cleaning programme cycle

Dispense Time

  • Programme machine to switch itself on / off automatically at differing times
  • Showing water intake in litres
  • Allowing change of water filters at appropriate times
  • Adjustable date and time
  • Display showing drink delivery time in seconds for each group
  • Adjustable hot water mix (hot to cold). This feature allows a small amount of cold water to be introduced into the hot water to avoid spitting
  • Enable electronic pre-infusion time
  • Adjustable steam temperature
  • Display the coffee selection (1 espresso, 2 espressos, etc)

The Semi Automatic Option

Technical Details

  • For easy drainage, Boiler drain tap is situated in centre of drip tray
  • Adjustment of touch-panel settings
  • Front Panel can be removed to enable easy access inside the machine
  • Contactor 20A / 25A/32A/ (built-in)
  • Boiler Capacity: 2 group 14L / 3 group 20L
  • Heating Element: 2 group 5000W-3800W / 3 group 5000W-6000W
  • Heating element protection device
  • Automatic boiler fill
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet
  • Internal motor & pump
  • Optional magnetic pump motor
  • Weight: 2 group 61kg

Colours available: Cream White, Opal Green, Beige, Aluminium, Ruby Red and Personalised

Order & Courier & Delivery Details


Prices of machines are available on request, so please give us a call with any queries.
We will courier out anywhere within the UK.

All orders have the option of being collected by customers for free at our premises (within our opening hours of Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm).


We regret that we do not ship outside of the UK due to weight of machines, but customers are invited to arrange their own shipping or collection.
For more details, please give us a call on 44 - 01788 247511 or send us an email

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